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Technical characteristics

  • check_boxA higher damping results in a longer tool life and a higher capacity.
  • check_boxAn ”averaging” of the roughness by lubricant film provides a higher accuracy.
  • check_boxExtremely low speed-proportional friction results in no guide faults and no stick-slip effect.
  • check_boxMaximum positioning accuracy even for very heavy loads and very short travels.
  • check_boxWear-free as no contact when in use results in an eternal lifetime.

Performance comparison

  Hydrostatic bearing   Roller bearing
Load capacity Very high without wearing issue High
High speed performance Very good with cooling element Limited by retainer
Low speed performance Very good Good
Friction characteristic Good, very good at large loads Good
Starting friction Extremely low Low
Lifetime Eternal lifetime due to no contact in use Wearing by contact
Stiffness Considerably high High
Damping High Low
Impact resistance High Low
Noise Quiet Louder