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Hydro-Ultra Precision Machine CO.,LTD. provides hydrostatic technology to make machine tools work more effectively and longer since 2014. At Hydro-Ultra Precision we are experts in custom hydrostatic machine parts that meet your unique specifications. Our hydrostatic rotary tables, hydrostatic spindles and hydrostatic workhead spindles combine with our HU restrictors and system can easily improve stability and accuracy of machine tools.

We promise guaranteed product quality

Our advantages

  • A step further

    At Hydro-Ultra Precision we provide the best solution and latest hydrostatic technologies for our customers, and improve ourselves with continuous research and developments.
  • Patent Portfolio

    We provide our customers with the best product and world-wide guarantee.
  • Short processing time

    We have developed a design tool for hydrostatic product design that we can fulfill your requirements in the shortest time.
  • Great quality control

    We guarantee the quality of our products through our production test process on every products.
  • Fast and efficient after sales service

    Our after sales service team are expert in our products that solves the problems fast and efficiently.